LG G4 Mini, Cheap version of LG G4

Cheap LG G4 mini version of the LG G4 finally presented by the company by LG with series G4c. Same case of its predecessor the Mini G3, this phone has a very significant reduction in the specifications, in accordance with the selling price is priced much more reasonably priced. If LG membanderol G4 at a price above 8 Million, then to obtain a mini version passable spend money not up to 4 Million. So actually what are the advantages brought this phone?

Device LG G4c has a smaller screen size with 5-inch span, so it could be a solution for you who do not like such a big sail device owned by LG G4. Unfortunately for the standard because the hardware specifications include fixed mengadpilihan Quad Core 1.2 Ghz processor coupled to 1GB Ram, whereas the price of LG G4c has allowed the use of Octa Core processor that is guaranteed to have a performance much faster.

According to LG G4c an affordable price, this phone is not equipped with the display back cover is a kind of skin which is owned LG G4. Mesikipun so, the display still looks premium phone with a curved body and memili sedikut capacity ratio of the length dimension of 139.7 mm x 69.8 mm wide x 10.2 mm thick, and the overall weight of 136 grams. Not only that this phone also enjoy it when operated, because LG put volume and power button on the back of the back cover LG G4c.

Display device G4c proven feels pretty thick, but still membikinnya enjoy when held because having a light weight, as well as the screen size is not too large. LG memberbagi screen is equipped with a capacity of 5 inch IPS LCD panel 16 Million Colors, as well as HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels with a pixel density of -294 ppi. LG screen is far below the value of G4 that uses Quantum IPS screen selesaiolusi Quad HD, but the screen is still able to show the value G4c sharp graphics and clear.

Provided three alternative colors for buyers G4c the colors Gray Metallic, Ceramic White, and Shiny Gold. If viewed from the outside, proved to be no noticeable difference between G4 and G4c display, but when the phone is operated certainly will feel all the difference because both of them are sold to the same caste. Price LG G4c is priced more affordable, make LG obliged to lower its specifications, in particular specifications of the display and not the skin texture meningkatkankan the expectations LG G4.

Kesektor switch hardware capabilities, this section LG mengadalkan chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8916 processor combined 410 64 Bit Quad Core 1.2 Ghz speed as the brains of LG G4c. 410 Snapdragon processor proved to be made for the medium-class device, but watch the price of LG G4c rather expensive, sewajibnya Snapdragon processor 615 LG wearing some sort of possessed Xiaomi Mi 4i alias may Octa Core processor Mediatek 64 Bit artificial that have peforma faster.

In addition, LG also remain mengadalkan Ram capacity of 1 GB, whereas in the same price range have not a little device that mengadpilihan 2 GB Ram. Fortunately LG Lollipop memberbagi Android operating system with a display interface Optimus 4.0 UI UX sort owned LG G4, so could increase the selling power, especially for users who want to feel the sensation devices use the LG G4 but in selling prices more affordable. Not only that LG also memberbagi most good feature some sort of Knock Mode, Gesture Shot, and features Glance View.

As for the memory sector, has provided an internal memory of 8 GB with microSD memory support of 64 GB, aka the possibility to reach 128 GB because it has mengadpilihan Snapdragon chipset 410. The size of the internal memory may be very small, especially for you who like a little game does not install as well as the Android software. But for the size of the battery are quite satisfactory, with mengadpilihan Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 2540 mah can we dislodged. Next let us consider the camera sector.

Then utuk gambargrafi sector, has provided a powerful 8 megapixel rear camera, and a powerful 5 Megapixel front camera. Value camera certainly far not the same compared to LG G4 that has a 16 megapixel camera and can take pictures with a standard value of DSLR cameras. Fortunately LG remains memberbagi sort features Autofocus, LED Flash, as well as Face Detection, as well as integrated HDR shooting mode with no little feature on LG G4c camera software, so this phone can still be used to take pictures with satisfactory image value.

We do not yet know if the camera can record Full HD 1080 pixels, aka merely 720 pixel HD video. But certainly this phone has a 5 Megapixel front camera which is provided to meet the needs selfie image, and video call wearer. Price LG G4c is priced over 3 Million, including very expensive if only because an 8 Megapixel camera equipped with LG memberbagi sewajibnya 13 Megapixel cameras that are able to compete with devices that are priced equivalent to the price of LG G4c.

Not yet known whether G4c also equipped with dual sim facility owned by LG G4 sort Indonesian version. But for business connectivity, the phone is equipped with a guaranteed speed of 150 Mbps LTE technology, as well as NFC connectivity plus data transfer as well as media files. Then to another connectivity, has no Wi-Fi but not Wi-Fi Dual Chanel who do not tech rarely used middle and upper device, but Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Wi-Fi hotspot feature.

In addition there are NFC to send files, LG also memberbagi Bluetooth V4.1 technology is equipped with features Low Energy (LE) so send files or other keperangkat pairing continues fast and does not drain battery power. As for the affairs of navigation, GPS technology has been provided by multiple satellites, A-GPS and its Glonass.

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